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The institute is well-equipped with advanced teaching facilities, with assets value amounting to 250 million RMB yuan, of which the instruments for teaching and research total over 61 million RMB yuan. The classrooms ,laboratories and practice bases on campus bring convenience for every students. The institute has public classroom with more than 9,000 seats, including those with multi-media which can house 6,000 students at the same time .Moreover, it has been enriched by many language labs, which can satisfy the demands for over 300 students at the same time. Modernized library is another teaching-aid branch, in which is a collection of 350 thousand books. It subscribes to magazines of more than 800 kinds from home and abroad. In the library, multi-media reading-rooms, audio-visual rooms and more than 10 databases ensure the readers various information. The gymnasium with more than 2,000 seats can host various matches such as volleyball, basketball, together with gymnastics and body-building. Besides, we have established computer centers and audio-visual teaching centers, the campus net, together with some workshops for students metalworking and electronics practice.

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