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In the situation of reform and opening up of our country, BIPT conducts its international exchange and cooperation actively and soundly which is flourishing at present stage. We have been in communication with 20 universities, educational organizations and companies of over 11 countries and territories and signed official cooperation agreements with 13 among them. Cooperation with other 5 foreign universities is under discussion. We have sent more than 50 delegations abroad, arranged reception for 60 foreign visiting groups, dispatched 70 employees for further study in other countries and international academic conference. We have received about 100 short-term specialists and 30 long-term ones and sponsored 1- international cooperative programs. Each year, the institute sends more than 150 students to other countries to study and receive 200 overseas students (including long and short term exchange students). The cooperation includes academic, scientific research, scholar and student exchange covers Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.

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