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BIPT places educational quality in a high position through holding regular teaching conferences, exercising expert supervision system and leaders' lecture attending system, and furthering teaching reforms. As a result, the instructional quality is climbing steadily, over 80% graduates succeeding in CET 4, over 96% students attaining to the national standards of physical education, over 20% graduates from the specialty of chemical engineering manage to proceed on postgraduate program successfully. Many students won prizes in contests of English, math, physics, athletics,etc.. 

BIPT gives priority to undergraduate education and is now accelerating its paces of postgraduate education, together with developing other diverse instructional forms to a certain scale. With subjects meeting with requirements both for the progress of the capital economy and petrochemical industry as its running pivot, various subjects are developing in phase. BIPT is cultivating advanced creative practical intellectuals in the fields of engineering and administration, who are to possess full excellences in the aspects of morality, intelligence, physique,aesthetics and attitude to labor. It is its permanent goal to train intellectuals with solid and broad knowledge, dependable abilities and high qualities.

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