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   President Luo Xueke Met with Party Secretary of HUMG

President Luo Xueke Met with Party Secretary of Hanoi University of Mining and Geology (HUMG), Vietnam, Tran Xuan Truong and His Delegation


On the morning of June 13th, President Luo Xueke met with Secretary of the HUMG Party Committee and Chairman of the University Council, Tran Xuan Truong and his delegation. The meeting was hosted by Prof. Ding Fuchen, Associate Vice President, Director of Foreign Affairs Office and Dean of International Education School.

  Firstly, Luo Xueke warmly welcomed Tran Xuan Truong and his delegation. He said that CPC and VPC and the two governments had a common consensus on the Belt and Road Initiative and the Two Corridors and One Circle, and exchanges, mutual learning and together development served the common interests of the two countries. Located in capital cities, both BIPT and HUMG were closely related to energy and mining sectors and showed engineering as its main feature while developing other disciplines. We also had many common disciplines and majors. Although the two universities had different histories and were in different developing stages, we had the same schooling philosophies and similar visions. He hoped that the two universities can strengthen their communications and cooperation in the future, learning from each other in educational concept, talent training mode, educational reform, development path and other fields. In Chinese and professional talent training, teacher cultivation, personnel exchange, academic research, resource sharing and other fields, the two were hoped to implement pragmatic cooperation for promoting education and contributing to Sino-Vietnam friendship and the development of the two countries.

Tran Xuan Truong said that it was a pleasure that he can lead the delegation to visit BIPT and then he expressed sincere gratitude to the warm welcome. He also expressed best regards to Liu Ying, Secretary of the CPC BIPT Committee. He also mentioned that China and Vietnam were contiguous with mountains and rivers, and both of us were socialist countries. Based on the long-term friendship built by Chairman Mao Zedong and Chairman Ho Chi Minh, President Xin Jinping and President Vo Van Thuong also established good relationship between the two countries which was reflected by the cooperation between the two universities. BIPT and HUMG had similar majors and disciplines, on the basis of Memorandum of Cooperation, he hoped that the two universities can have practical cooperation in the future and presidents of BIPT can visit HUMG as well.

During the friendly meeting, Luo Xueke and Tran Xuan Truong witnessed the signing of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the two universities and they took a photo together.


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